Cable Clips for Hospital Bed Electrical Leads.

AdeptDirect Magnetic Cable Clips for securing electrical leads on hospital beds.

Innovative Cable Handling experts, Adept Direct, have expanded their range of Magnetic Cable Hangers  to include Magnetic Cable Clips for power leads and cables on hospital beds. The simple and easy to use magnetic cable hanger can “clip up” power cables for electric motors on hospital beds, in any position to prevent them getting jammed or worse, severed when raising, lowering, or moving the bed.

Another power cord that can be caught up in the workings of the hospital bed is the remote control cord. With only 1 or 2 Adept Direct Cable Clips, these electric leads can be safely secured to the side or underneath of the bed. A further advantage is that the risk of a patient tripping or becoming entangled in these electrical  leads is minimised.

Adept Direct cable clips are manufactured from high density plastic so they are hygienic and have minimal crevices to harbour bacteria. The high strength magnet is encapsulated in a zinc coated steel cover and will withstand years of arduous use.

The Cable Clips can be used anywhere where there is a steel surface for the magnet to “stick” to and can safely hold 2 or 3 standard power cables within the one clip.