Air Hose Hanger Bracket

Pneumatic Hose Hanger Bracket                                       

AdeptDirect have a Air Hose Hanger Bracket, for hanging air lines, cables, power leads and pneumatic hoses up out of harm’s way.

The Pneumatic Hose Hanger has a square steel backing plate which combines with the 90° frame to position the insulated skyhook to safely support up to 8 power leads and hoses. The “prongs” or fingers of the skyhook prevent leads or cable from flicking out the hanger bracket.

Designed and made in Australia AdpetDirect Hose Hanger Brackets provide a simple and fast means of minimizing trip hazards by securing hoses along walls and site sheds. These industrial grade heavy duty hose holders have been on used on building sites, mines, and construction areas, across Australia.

Manufactured in an advanced Australian manufacturing facility using cutting edge robotic welding technology, AdeptDirect Pneumatic Hose Hangers are calculated to withstand years of hard use on building sites and in workshops.

There is no excuse for staff or customers tripping on any cables or hoses at your premises or construction site. Minimise your risk by ordering your AdeptDirect Pneumatic Hose Hanger Brackets at: