What is the best tool to unroll cable off a drum?

What is the best tool to unroll cable off a reel or drum?

There are 2 main tools used to unroll cables and leads from drums:

First is the Cable Drum Stand, consisting of 2 A Frames that support an axle that goes through the centre hole of the drum of cable.  A Frame type cable drum stands are ideal if the timber or plastic flanges of the cable drum are uneven or damaged, as it is the opening, through the centre of cable drum, that supports the cable weight and allows the cable drum, to rotate. Whilst A Frame cable stands are the best tool for unrolling cable off drums where the ground is uneven, they do require a little more time to set up than a roller type cable drum. Most common uses are; cabling on solar farms, cabling on building sites and security gate cable installations.  

Second is the Cable Reel Roller that uses 2 roller bearings to support the flanges of the drum of cable. Cable Drum Rollers are very compact and are ready to use instantly, as they do not require assembly. The steel rollers supporting the flanges of the drum of cable can be varying thicknesses and incorporate light duty, medium duty or heavy duty, roller bearings, depending on the weight of the cable drum, being paid out. For wide cable drums, 2 Cable Reel Rollers can be used together, with one under each flange of the cable reel. Common uses for cable drum rollers includes; installation of telecommunication cables, signalling cables and dispensing cable out of a ute or van.