Tips for Safely Lifting, Storing & Dispensing Drums of Cable.

As we often get asked about handling drums of cable, our team at Adept Direct have come up with a brief check list to assist in the safety and payout of cable drums:

These safety tips are detailed as follows:

  • Know the weight of the cable drum before attempting to lift
  • Consider the diameter of the drum. Larger drums mean the weight will be carried further from your body
  • Unless using a mobile cable drum dispenser or trolley, it is prudent to only carry one cable drum at a time
  • When moving large cable drums, use the axle of an A-Frame cable drum dispenser between two people to evenly distribute the weight of the drum
  • Roll unused cable back onto the drum when each task is completed to prevent loose cables becoming trip hazards. This also prevents cable ends being damaged
  • Always use a cable dispenser, such as an A-frame cable drum stand or cable drum roller, to payout cables. This keeps the drum or drums of cable in one place and prevents them from rolling around, potentially tripping someone up.
  • When doing a risk assessment to install cabling, ensure that any measures implemented do not introduce new risks. This includes positioning the cable unroller in an area of least traffic.
  • Last but not least, good housekeeping is essential to ensure the path is clear of obstructions when carrying or wheeling cable drums.