Cable Drum Channels

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Heavy Duty Cable Drum Channels designed to easily dispense large drums of cable, up to 1 tonne.

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Adept Direct Cable Drum Roller Channels used inline with a rear stabilising bar to keep the drum firmly in position when being spooled out. Adept Direct have responded to requests from cabling contractors to provide “the next model up” from our popular Heavy Duty 650mm wide cable drum roller. The Cable Drum Channel Rollers are designed to handle 1000kg cable reels up to 1000mm wide and between 600mm and 1800mm, diameter.

Pictured with a 900mm cable reel

Heavy Duty Nylon Rollers for durability

Profiled rollers to keep large cable drums centred, when paying out cable

Free-wheeling heavy duty bearings allow fast unrolling of cable

Front rollers incorporate a locking feature to assist in rolling the cable drum back off the rollers, when cabling is complete.

Shallow ramp on/off feature to easily load a large cable reel.

Adjustable roller location accommodates cable reels from 600mm to 1800mm diameter

Durable and high visibility, Safety Yellow powder coat finish

Thumbscrews lock the cable drum channels on the galvanised stabiliser axle, to match the flanges of the cable drum

Can be used with the Adept Forklift Cable Drum Attachment to load/unload cable drums

Supplied as a set, with 2 channels, 4 adjustable rollers and the stabiliser bar.

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