FRAS Heavy Duty Cable Hanger – Magnetic

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Adept Direct Heavy Duty Magnetic Cable Hanger


See how simple the Adept Magnetic Cable Holder is to use in the video.



The Adept Direct FRAS  Cable Hanger is a high temperature and heavy-duty version of our standard Magnetic Lead Holder. The yellow cable strap in the FRAS Hanger, will not cause a spark, minimising the risk of dangerous dust eruptions in mining environments.

The Adept Direct FRAS Cable Hanger features a high-strength rare earth magnet which will “lock on” to any steel surface. Like the standard Adept Direct Heavy Duty Magnetic Cable Hanger it can be used for air hoses, cables, power cords, or anything that creates trip hazards on construction sites or factories. These magnetic cable hooks can be easily attached to any steel surface or metal structure; (steel site sheds, steel fencing, purlins & steel framing etc.) using the large round zinc plated “25kg” magnet.  Holding the  yellow strap, simply place any hoses, leads and cables inside and then lock onto the hook attached to the magnet.

Magnetic cable hangers can be quickly detached and moved to any area that requires cable hangers, in a few seconds.  Just slide the cable magnet sideways and reinstall. No screws to undo or tools needed.

Features of Adept Direct FRAS Magnet Cable Hanger include:

  • Safely supports multiple cables, air lines, electrical leads and hoses
  • Complies with FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti-Static) requirements for mines and confined spaces
  • Suitable for high temperature and heavy-duty applications
  • Distinct yellow cable strap is high vis for enhanced safety.
  • Both the cable hook and magnet are zinc plated for longevity.
  • Tested to hold 25kg in the vertical plane.
  • Cable Hanger dimensions: 120mm wide x 250mm high.
  • Weight: 0.3kg.

These Heavy Duty FRAS Cable Hangers are available in an economical 10 pack – Email: [email protected] for pricing.

Read our blog on the best cable hooks and hose hangers for steel buildings.

As most site safety officers will tell you, if safety equipment is difficult or cumbersome to use, then the likelihood is, it wont be used. Adept Magnetic Cable Cable  Hangers are secure, easy and fast to install. Stop trips and falls resulting from cables and power leads lying on the ground – Use Adept Magnetic Cable Hangers!


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