Light Duty Cable Reel Stand – Folding

$97.13 + GST 10%

Height:520mm (open)   Width:470mm

Recommended maximum load: 80kg


The Adept Direct Light Duty Cable Reel Stand is an economical means of carrying and paying out drums of cable such as twin & earth and telecommunication cable. This lightweight folding cable reel stand is available with a bright yellow painted finish for high visibility or a durable galvanised coating. This light duty cable stand is fast to set up which means you can start work immediately. Simply flick the folding rear leg of the stand out, then lift the roller to insert the drum of cable and drop into position! The cable pays out without twisting or tangling.  

This compact cable stand can be folded in seconds, with or without the drum of cable in place. With the folding leg in the closed position against the main frame the hook section securing the axle of the roller locks the roller in place, so it can be used for carrying cable drums – without the risk of the roller coming loose. The folding cable stand has been tested to 80kg. 

Adept Light Duty Cable Reels Stands are the simplest and most cost-effective means of storing, carrying and paying out cables.




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