Replacement Cable Hooks-Skyhooks

$13.30 + GST 10%

Cable Hooks and  Skyhooks

Replacement cable hooks for Adept Direct lead stands or wall mounted hooks.

All Adept Direct Wall Mounted Cable Hooks and Leadstands are supplied with an insulating cable hook, commonly known as a skyhook. These robust Australian-made Polypropylene cable hooks are injection moulded to safely carry multiple cables and hoses ranging in size from 10mm to 30mm. Despite their strength and durability, accidents can happen and sometimes the actual  cable hook can be damaged or broken. Replacement cable hooks are available as a spare part. The damaged skyhook can simply unscrewed and discarded and the replacement cable hook installed within 1 minute. This ensures that the Leadstand or Wall mounted Cable Hanger can continue to provide a safe and efficient means of elevating cables, hoses and air lines out of harms way and from causing a trip hazards.

If you require 10 or more Cable Hook spare parts, please email Adept Direct Customer Service at [email protected] for a bulk purchase pricing code. (Colours may vary slightly from those pictured)





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