Pole Mount Cable Guards

$61.75$149.80 + GST 10%

Adept Direct Pole Mount Cable Guards provide substantial mechanical protection for cables and conduits, mounted on poles. This includes cable protection on street poles, light poles and industrial service poles, where required. All Adept Direct Cable Guards are designed and produced in Australia from 1.2mm thick Australian steel and are supplied complete with 6mm mounting holes. These strapless, U-Shaped Pole Mount Cable Covers are Hot Dip galvanised for longevity and durability.

Adept Direct Pole Mount Cable Guards are specifically designed to mount on most conventional sized light poles, communication poles and power poles. The angled flanges ensure the Cable Cover nests as close as practical to the pole minimizing any protruding edges. The screwed configuration means that the Cable Covers are fast to install and require no additional straps, saddles or banding. Adept Direct Cable Guards are available in a variety sizes to cover most diameters of cable bundles, ranging from 45mm through to 100 (4″) cross section.

Pole Mount Covers are available individually or in a pack of 5. All prices are + GST.



SKU Cable Cover Size Price
ACG45P 45x45x1200mm 61.75
ACG55P 55x55x1200mm 68.80
ACG75P 75x75x1200mm89 89.00
ACG75PL 75x75x1400mm 107.00
ACG100P 100x100x1200mm 109.00
ACG100PL 100x100x1400mm 149.80