Tips for Safely Lifting, Storing & Dispensing Drums of Cable.

As we often get asked about handling drums of cable, our team at Adept Direct have come up with a brief check list to assist in the safety and payout of cable drums:

These safety tips are detailed as follows:

  • Know the weight of the cable drum before attempting to lift
  • Consider the diameter of the drum. Larger drums mean the weight will be carried further from your body
  • Unless using a mobile cable drum dispenser or trolley, it is prudent to only carry one cable drum at a time
  • When moving large cable drums, use the axle of an A-Frame cable drum dispenser between two people to evenly distribute the weight of the drum
  • Roll unused cable back onto the drum when each task is completed to prevent loose cables becoming trip hazards. This also prevents cable ends being damaged
  • Always use a cable dispenser, such as an A-frame cable drum stand or cable drum roller, to payout cables. This keeps the drum or drums of cable in one place and prevents them from rolling around, potentially tripping someone up.
  • When doing a risk assessment to install cabling, ensure that any measures implemented do not introduce new risks. This includes positioning the cable unroller in an area of least traffic.
  • Last but not least, good housekeeping is essential to ensure the path is clear of obstructions when carrying or wheeling cable drums.

Magnetic Hose Clips Cut the Dust!

The applications for Adept Magnetic Hangers never ceases to amaze!

This photo shows Adept Magnetic Hangers “clipped” along the boom of a small tracked excavator to support a garden hose. The Magnetic clips were configured so the nozzle of the hose directs a light spray of water over the bucket area of the excavator in order to minimise dust!

As this excavator was being used to dig foundations for an extension on a home in an established area, it was very important to reduce dust levels which can have a significant negative impact on the health of personnel, the environment and surrounding neighbours. A light spray of water was all that was required and Adept Magnetic Hose Clips meant that an assistant was not required to hold the hose.

Simple but very effective in dusty environments!

Cable Holder Clip – Medical Trolleys & Hospital Carts.

As medical trolleys with heating or cooling functions have become more common in the healthcare environment, so too has the safety hazard of tripping on their cords. Cable Handling experts, Adept Direct have recently developed a Cable Holder Clip with a high strength magnet to “stick on” the metal sections of medical trolleys and hospital carts.

The Adept Cable Holder Magnetic Clip has a top and bottom section to hold power leads, hoses and cables up off the floor and eliminating trip hazards.

Elevating cables and hoses also ensures that they cannot be run over and damaged by the castors or wheels of the medical trolley.

The high density polyethylene clip is hygienic and there is minimum number of nooks and crannies to harbour germs. The high strength magnet just takes seconds to slide sideways off the metal frame of the medical trolley and attached to a different section or a new warming trolley.

Adept Direct Double Clip Magnets have been successfully used on medical trolleys in private hospitals in Queensland and have become popular with the medical staff and maintenance teams alike.

Adept  Direct Double Clip Magnets are available online and bulk purchase discounts are available.

Cable Clips for Hospital Bed Electrical Leads.

AdeptDirect Magnetic Cable Clips for securing electrical leads on hospital beds.

Innovative Cable Handling experts, Adept Direct, have expanded their range of Magnetic Cable Hangers  to include Magnetic Cable Clips for power leads and cables on hospital beds. The simple and easy to use magnetic cable hanger can “clip up” power cables for electric motors on hospital beds, in any position to prevent them getting jammed or worse, severed when raising, lowering, or moving the bed.

Another power cord that can be caught up in the workings of the hospital bed is the remote control cord. With only 1 or 2 Adept Direct Cable Clips, these electric leads can be safely secured to the side or underneath of the bed. A further advantage is that the risk of a patient tripping or becoming entangled in these electrical  leads is minimised.

Adept Direct cable clips are manufactured from high density plastic so they are hygienic and have minimal crevices to harbour bacteria. The high strength magnet is encapsulated in a zinc coated steel cover and will withstand years of arduous use.

The Cable Clips can be used anywhere where there is a steel surface for the magnet to “stick” to and can safely hold 2 or 3 standard power cables within the one clip.

Why struggle with heavy cable reels and drums?

Why allow tangled, twisted cable to slow down installation times and reduce productivity?

Australia’s Cable Handling Experts, Adeptdirect have revised their largest Cable Reel Roller – The 650, with ultra-free-wheeling heavy duty bearings that are “sealed for life” and require no lubrication.  This simply means cable is unwound freely without tugging or pulling.

The Adept Direct 650mm Cable Roller is a low profile Cable Dispenser that can be (and needs to be) carried in every electricians van or ute. Simple and easy to use, the Extra Wide Cable Reel Roller not only ensures the cable or wire is dispensed without tangling, it also secures the cable reel in one position and prevents it from rolling around – with dangerous implications on building sites and telecommunication installs.

Australian-made and designed, Adept Direct Extra Wide Cable Reel Rollers are finished in high visibility yellow powdercoat and incorporate high strength steel galvanised rollers. Dispensing cable and wire has never been easier with capacity to unroll a 650mm wide Cable Reel up to 200 kilograms.

For further information or to order, visit: .

Adept Direct – End of Year Closure Dates

Adept Direct – End of Year Closure Dates.

After a busy year we advise that the Adept Direct distribution centre will be closed from 22nd December 2017 and reopen for deliveries on Monday 8th January 2018.

The website will open for ordering during this time but any safety equipment and cable handling products will not be shipped until 9th Jan.

The staff at Adept Direct wish all our customers, suppliers and distribution team a safe and happy break and we look forward to being of assistance with cable handling requirements in the new year. If you need a product urgently please email: [email protected]


Temporary Cable Hanger Brackets

Tools and equipment that are simple, intuitive and easy to use, form a key element in improving workplace safety. Even the most stringent laws, backed by threats and punishment won’t achieve what simple and logical tools and methodologies used and supported by all staff, can achieve in reducing workplace accidents.

One of the frequent dangers in a workshop environment or on a building site, is trip hazards – cords, hoses, power leads, chain, welding cables, rope, air lines: really anything on the floor or ground that someone can trip over. One of the most practical means of removing all these hazards is to hook the cord, hose and/or cable above head height by using temporary cable hanger brackets.

Adept Temporary Cable Hanging Brackets provide an easy and economical means of hanging power leads, cables and hoses, up off the ground to secure them in an elevated position. These innovative Cable Brackets can be fixed temporarily to any wall, frame or structure, with 2 screws and hold up to 8 power leads or hoses.

These easy-to-install and remove Temporary Lead Hanging Brackets, lift power leads and electrical cables up out of harm’s way – Not only protecting the leads and hoses from damage but also protecting staff from electrical hazards. Finished in a bright “silver” zinc plated finish, these Cable Brackets are designed and assembled in Australia.

Prevent Trips and Falls from Cables and Hoses

Have you ever tripped on a hose or cable? That awful feeling of falling uncontrollably, not knowing where or how you will land?

Or perhaps watched someone else fall flat on their face after tripping over an air hose, cable or power lead?

Not only can a trip or fall be painful and costly to the person concerned, it can have serious financial ramifications for the person and/or the business responsible.

Trips and falls can happen anywhere at any time and the safety of all employees, contractors and site visitors within the workplace is very important.

Statistics indicate that trips, slips and falls account for more than one third of incidents in work environments along with two thirds of LTI’s (Lost Time Injuries) across all industries. It also estimated that the vast majority of slips, trips and falls are preventable.

Simple, easy to use hanger brackets for securing cables or hoses up off the ground, are an integral part of improving work place safety and minimising trip hazards.

Employers and building owners need to invest in educating staff on preventing slip, trip and fall hazards, whilst implementing and ingraining best safety practices within the workplace, as doing so can lead to significant long-term savings for all parties.

Simple Precautions to Prevent Trips and Falls include;

• Remove any rubbish and keep work areas clear.
• Install high friction tape or plates in slippery areas.
• Keep power cables, air hoses and tools out of walkways by using Cable Hangers.
• Install high visibility florescent marking tapes, or barriers around loading docks.
• Clearly define walkways, separate from traffic areas.
• Use magnetic cable hangers to elevate power leads up off steel gantries and catwalks.
• Do not jump on or off loading docks and platforms.
• Ensure that boxes or articles carried do not obstruct your forward vision.
• Always maintain 3 points of contact when climbing or descending ladder platforms or ladders.
• Notify management or your supervisor of any unsafe conditions or conditions that could become unsafe over time.

Keep everyone safe! There is NO excuse for staff or customers tripping on any hoses, leads or cables at your premises or construction site.


Cable Hanger Bracket

AdeptDirect are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of safety equipment, Cable Hangers and Cable Roller Stands to electricians, cabling technicians and telecommunications personal across Australia.

In the interests of “getting on with the job”  and the pressures of meeting deadlines and avoiding liquidator damages, means that safety is not always at the top of the priority list for project managers and site supervisors. Safety equipment and tools that “work” and are simple to install and use immediately, without hindering productivity are extremely important.

In consultation with their customers AdeptDirect have released a new Wall Mount Cable Hanger Bracket, for elevating cables, power leads and hoses out of harm’s way on building sites, mines, and construction areas.

The new Wall Mount Cable Hanger, designed and made in Australia provides a simple and fast means of minimizing trip hazards by securing cables along walls and site sheds. The heavy duty backing plate has 2 key-holes for screws, allowing for rapid installation wherever a cable hanger bracket is required and fast removal when the job is complete.

The large steel backing plate combines with the 90° frame to position the insulated skyhook to safely support up to 8 power leads, cables and hoses. The “prongs” or fingers of the skyhook prevent leads or cable from flicking out the hanger bracket.

Manufactured in an advanced Australian manufacturing facility using cutting edge robotic welding technology, AdeptDirect Wall Mount Cable Hangers are calculated to withstand years of hard use on building sites and workshops. The steel section of the bracket is finished in a hard-wearing bright yellow powder-coat finish and the insulated “Skyhook” is molded from high density polyethylene.

For further information or to order please visit the Adept Direct website:



Heavy Weight Cable Roller Stand

Adept Direct Cable Stands, Cable Rollers and Lead Stands are a familiar sight on building zones and construction sites across the nation. The simple but highly effective design of the A Frame Cable Stands ensures the cable, wire or lead is dispensed easily without excessive tugging and prevents reels of cable rolling around or creating trip-hazards when telecommunications personnel are installing phone lines.

Adept Direct have now released a new, extra heavy duty version of their proven A-Frame Cable Stand. This new Extra Heavy Duty Cable Roller Stand will handle large cable rolls up to 1.5 meters diameter and has a safe working load of 150kg. At one metre wide, the heavy duty cable stand will hold and dispense most rolls of data cable or phone lines, neatly and safely.

The new Cable Stand incorporates most of the features of AdeptDirect’s other cable handling tools including:

  • High visibility, safety yellow powdercoat finish, on the A-Frames
  • Locking thumbscrews to secure the A-Frames into position.
  • Galvanised tubular steel cable support axle.
  • Safely stores and dispenses reels of cable or wire on job site or in the workshop.
  • Multi-use – Can be utilised for reels or rolls of any product: Power Leads, Rope, Hose etc.
  • Multiple Cable Drum Reel capacity for plastic, timber or steel reels.
  • Collapses down for easy transport and storage.
  • Premium quality – Designed and made in Australia.

As with all AdeptDirect Cable Handling equipment, the new Extra Heavy Duty Cable Stand is available online  at

For further information email: [email protected]