Temporary Cable Hanger Brackets

Tools and equipment that are simple, intuitive and easy to use, form a key element in improving workplace safety. Even the most stringent laws, backed by threats and punishment won’t achieve what simple and logical tools and methodologies used and supported by all staff, can achieve in reducing workplace accidents.

One of the frequent dangers in a workshop environment or on a building site, is trip hazards – cords, hoses, power leads, chain, welding cables, rope, air lines: really anything on the floor or ground that someone can trip over. One of the most practical means of removing all these hazards is to hook the cord, hose and/or cable above head height by using temporary cable hanger brackets.

Adept Temporary Cable Hanging Brackets provide an easy and economical means of hanging power leads, cables and hoses, up off the ground to secure them in an elevated position. These innovative Cable Brackets can be fixed temporarily to any wall, frame or structure, with 2 screws and hold up to 8 power leads or hoses.

These easy-to-install and remove Temporary Lead Hanging Brackets, lift power leads and electrical cables up out of harm’s way – Not only protecting the leads and hoses from damage but also protecting staff from electrical hazards. Finished in a bright “silver” zinc plated finish, these Cable Brackets are designed and assembled in Australia.