Adept Free Standing Lead Stand/Hose Stand

$149.00 + GST 10%

  •  Keeps electrical leads and air hoses up off the ground in work areas and passageways
  •  Prevents electrical and trip hazards
  •  Allows freedom of movement for machines and personnel
  •  Locking collar to adjust height
  •  Non-conductive fibreglass pole
  •  Extendable 1.5m to 2.6m
  •  Simple robust design
  •  Powder coated safety yellow for high visibility
  •  Removable telescopic lead stand attachment makes for easy storage and transport.


Electrical Lead Stands and Hose Stands

Adept Telescopic Non-conductive Lead Stands

  • Adept Height Adjustable Lead Stands ensure electrical leads and air hoses are kept up off the ground in work areas and passageways
  • These easy use, easy to transport Lead Stands minimise electrical and trip hazards and allows freedom of movement for machines and personnel around building sites and work areas.
  • Adept Telescopic Lead Stands are extendable from 1.5m to 2.6m, using a simple screw adjustment.
  • Designed and made in Australia with a simple and robust design which means these cable stands can used on project after project, to provide safe elevation of cables, leads and hoses
  • Highly visible in safety yellow, Adept Cable Stands incorporate a non-conductive fibreglass pole and an injection moulded insulating cable hanger which secures up to 8 cords and hoses
  • Removable telescopic lead stand attachment makes the Adept Lead Stand easy to store and transport.

Power Lead Grip

  • Safely secures 8 electrical leads and 2 pneumatic hoses
  • Power Lead Grip is made in Australia from insulating Polypropylene
  • Power Cable Hooks are easily replaced if necessary
  • Grip secures a large range of hose and cable sizes.

Lead Stand Secure Base

  • Adept Telescopic Cable Stands are supplied with a hard-wearing plastic base which provides stability without getting in the way
  • Adept Telescopic Cable Stand base weighs approximately 15kg when filled with water or sand preventing the lead stand from being pulled over.
  • The round base of the cable stand is easily manoeuvrable and can be rolled around a building site as required.
  • The Lead Stand base is a moulded plastic construction, 450mm in diametre so it does not become a trip hazard.
  • Accepts a range of products.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia.


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