Extra Heavy Duty A Frame Cable Roller Stand

$389.00 + GST 10%

Height:800mm  Width:1000mm 

Recommended maximum load:150kg


The Adept Extra Heavy Duty Cable Stand is our largest A-Frame for heavy cable drums and can be used to safely dispense any product that is supplied on a drum or reel; This includes draw wire, rope, steel or plastic strapping, hoses and of course cables and leads. The maximum Cable Roll size that this extra heavy duty cable stand can safely dispense is 1500mm (59″) diameter and it has been tested to 150kg (330lb). Supplied complete with long-lasting powder-coated ‘safety’ yellow A-frames and galvanized steel axle, the Adept Extra Heavy Duty Cable Roller Stand incorporates multiple drum capacity and has easy-to-use thumb-screws to lock the A-Frames into position on the axle. The wide leg stance of the A-Frame provides stability. 

These high strength cable reel stands have used across Australia on construction sites, solar farms, telecommunication projects, NBN installations, wind farm cabling, to name a few. Adept Cable Stands are designed and manufactured in Australia from Australian steel, using robot welding technology. These premium quality cable stands are easy to assemble  or collapse down for transport or storage.

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The most efficient and safest means of dispensing, storing and transporting cable rolls.

Compact Cable Stand

Cable Stand Collapsed For Transport

Lockable Cable Frame

Easy to use thumbscrews secure the A-Frames to the Cable Roller axle.This ensures the Cable Roller can be quickly assembled or dismantled. 

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