Single Leg Fascia Mount Point-Of-Attachment Brackets – B’ Rated

$106.20$176.90 + GST 10%

Adept Direct are accredited distributors of the Clarke B Rated Single Leg POA Brackets

All Clarke Point-Of-Attachment Brackets are made in Australia and supplied with hot dip galvanised finish. These single leg POA brackets are suitable for single or three phase aluminium aerial service lines up to approximately: 30m in length.

These medium duty Single Leg Fascia Mount POA Brackets are designed for installing onto the fascia under standard guttering and be bolted though a hardwood noggin of suitable strength to support the bracket and the cable that will be attached. The fast installation and competitive pricing of these POA Brackets has resulted in hundreds of Clarke POA brackets being installed each year.


Fascia Mount POA Brackets

Clarke Single Leg Fascia Mount POA Brackets are designed for fixing to the fascia under standard guttering or spouting. Adept Fascia Mounted POA brackets should be bolted though the fascia and into a hardwood noggin of adequate strength. It is recommended that the noggin is secured between the rafters, directly behind the fascia board.

Clarke POA Bracket Model Number Nominal Height Price + GST
ACI2B1F 300mm $106.20
ACI3B1F 450mm $112.50
ACI4B1F 600mm $118.60
ACI5B1F 750mm $151.50
ACI6B1F 900mm $176.90

For exact details regarding required bracket strength ratings for particular applications, please refer to Service & Installation Rules, your local Supply Authority or Service Provider.

For applications where the electrical service line will be pulling on the POA bracket at an angle greater than 45° it is recommended that a “D” Rated double leg POA bracket is used to avoid twisting the bracket mounting. All Clarke POA Brackets must be installed by a qualified electrician.

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300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm


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