Cable Holder Clip – Medical Trolleys & Hospital Carts.

As medical trolleys with heating or cooling functions have become more common in the healthcare environment, so too has the safety hazard of tripping on their cords. Cable Handling experts, Adept Direct have recently developed a Cable Holder Clip with a high strength magnet to “stick on” the metal sections of medical trolleys and hospital carts.

The Adept Cable Holder Magnetic Clip has a top and bottom section to hold power leads, hoses and cables up off the floor and eliminating trip hazards.

Elevating cables and hoses also ensures that they cannot be run over and damaged by the castors or wheels of the medical trolley.

The high density polyethylene clip is hygienic and there is minimum number of nooks and crannies to harbour germs. The high strength magnet just takes seconds to slide sideways off the metal frame of the medical trolley and attached to a different section or a new warming trolley.

Adept Direct Double Clip Magnets have been successfully used on medical trolleys in private hospitals in Queensland and have become popular with the medical staff and maintenance teams alike.

Adept  Direct Double Clip Magnets are available online and bulk purchase discounts are available.