Prevent Trips and Falls from Cables and Hoses

Have you ever tripped on a hose or cable? That awful feeling of falling uncontrollably, not knowing where or how you will land?

Or perhaps watched someone else fall flat on their face after tripping over an air hose, cable or power lead?

Not only can a trip or fall be painful and costly to the person concerned, it can have serious financial ramifications for the person and/or the business responsible.

Trips and falls can happen anywhere at any time and the safety of all employees, contractors and site visitors within the workplace is very important.

Statistics indicate that trips, slips and falls account for more than one third of incidents in work environments along with two thirds of LTI’s (Lost Time Injuries) across all industries. It also estimated that the vast majority of slips, trips and falls are preventable.

Simple, easy to use hanger brackets for securing cables or hoses up off the ground, are an integral part of improving work place safety and minimising trip hazards.

Employers and building owners need to invest in educating staff on preventing slip, trip and fall hazards, whilst implementing and ingraining best safety practices within the workplace, as doing so can lead to significant long-term savings for all parties.

Simple Precautions to Prevent Trips and Falls include;

• Remove any rubbish and keep work areas clear.
• Install high friction tape or plates in slippery areas.
• Keep power cables, air hoses and tools out of walkways by using Cable Hangers.
• Install high visibility florescent marking tapes, or barriers around loading docks.
• Clearly define walkways, separate from traffic areas.
• Use magnetic cable hangers to elevate power leads up off steel gantries and catwalks.
• Do not jump on or off loading docks and platforms.
• Ensure that boxes or articles carried do not obstruct your forward vision.
• Always maintain 3 points of contact when climbing or descending ladder platforms or ladders.
• Notify management or your supervisor of any unsafe conditions or conditions that could become unsafe over time.

Keep everyone safe! There is NO excuse for staff or customers tripping on any hoses, leads or cables at your premises or construction site.