Cable Hanger Bracket

AdeptDirect are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of safety equipment, Cable Hangers and Cable Roller Stands to electricians, cabling technicians and telecommunications personal across Australia.

In the interests of “getting on with the job”  and the pressures of meeting deadlines and avoiding liquidator damages, means that safety is not always at the top of the priority list for project managers and site supervisors. Safety equipment and tools that “work” and are simple to install and use immediately, without hindering productivity are extremely important.

In consultation with their customers AdeptDirect have released a new Wall Mount Cable Hanger Bracket, for elevating cables, power leads and hoses out of harm’s way on building sites, mines, and construction areas.

The new Wall Mount Cable Hanger, designed and made in Australia provides a simple and fast means of minimizing trip hazards by securing cables along walls and site sheds. The heavy duty backing plate has 2 key-holes for screws, allowing for rapid installation wherever a cable hanger bracket is required and fast removal when the job is complete.

The large steel backing plate combines with the 90° frame to position the insulated skyhook to safely support up to 8 power leads, cables and hoses. The “prongs” or fingers of the skyhook prevent leads or cable from flicking out the hanger bracket.

Manufactured in an advanced Australian manufacturing facility using cutting edge robotic welding technology, AdeptDirect Wall Mount Cable Hangers are calculated to withstand years of hard use on building sites and workshops. The steel section of the bracket is finished in a hard-wearing bright yellow powder-coat finish and the insulated “Skyhook” is molded from high density polyethylene.

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Heavy Weight Cable Roller Stand

Adept Direct Cable Stands, Cable Rollers and Lead Stands are a familiar sight on building zones and construction sites across the nation. The simple but highly effective design of the A Frame Cable Stands ensures the cable, wire or lead is dispensed easily without excessive tugging and prevents reels of cable rolling around or creating trip-hazards when telecommunications personnel are installing phone lines.

Adept Direct have now released a new, extra heavy duty version of their proven A-Frame Cable Stand. This new Extra Heavy Duty Cable Roller Stand will handle large cable rolls up to 1.5 meters diameter and has a safe working load of 150kg. At one metre wide, the heavy duty cable stand will hold and dispense most rolls of data cable or phone lines, neatly and safely.

The new Cable Stand incorporates most of the features of AdeptDirect’s other cable handling tools including:

  • High visibility, safety yellow powdercoat finish, on the A-Frames
  • Locking thumbscrews to secure the A-Frames into position.
  • Galvanised tubular steel cable support axle.
  • Safely stores and dispenses reels of cable or wire on job site or in the workshop.
  • Multi-use – Can be utilised for reels or rolls of any product: Power Leads, Rope, Hose etc.
  • Multiple Cable Drum Reel capacity for plastic, timber or steel reels.
  • Collapses down for easy transport and storage.
  • Premium quality – Designed and made in Australia.

As with all AdeptDirect Cable Handling equipment, the new Extra Heavy Duty Cable Stand is available online  at

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