Weatherproof Extension Lead Enclosure

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Zap Cap Enclosure for Cable & Extension Leads

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Can water and electrical leads mix?

When it comes to safety, it is a well known fact that water and electricity can create a dangerous environment. Adept Direct are accredited distributors of the innovative ZAPCAP® Safety Enclosure. This is an IP66 watertight seal safety cap, designed to keep extension cable connections safe in wet area usage.  The waterproof extension lead housing is constructed from engineered high impact thermoplastic for heavy-duty industrial applications.  ZAPCAP® Safety meets and exceeds the industry standard for maintaining a watertight seal when in use, as well as eliminating accidental disconnections by preventing the extension lead connection from coming apart.

From domestic use with electric lawn mowers and power tools, through to harsh industrial areas and construction sites; ZAPCAP® Safety ensures a watertight seal for all electrical connections and devices and is critical to ensuring maximum electrical safety in any wet environment.

Intended uses for these waterproof extension lead covers include;

  • Electric floor polishers and liquid vacuum cleaners
  • 240V outdoor lights and entertainment systems
  • Pressure washers and blasters
  • Boating and electric pumps.
  • Wet area power tools such as water-cooled concrete saws and tile cutters with water-cooled blades
  • Machinery in outdoor areas where water spray on leads may be present, such as bricklayers electric concrete mixers
  • Backyard pools and water features
  • Outdoor electric tools including mowers, hedgers and chainsaws.
  • Caravans and camping
  • Dry and wet weather use to prevent extension lead disconnection when pulled.

The applications are really endless! Water and live extension cables do not mix –Except when using Zap Cap Watertight Enclosures

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