Portable A Frame Cable Drum Stand

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Portable Cable Drum Pay-Off Stand

The Adept Wheeled Heavy Duty Cable Roll Stand is our most popular cable pay-off stand – now available with wheels. It is supplied complete with long-lasting powder-coated ‘safety’ yellow support frames, galvanized steel axle and pneumatic tyres. The large diameter tyres allow the Mobile Cable Pay-Off Stand to traverse most terrain including rough construction areas and mine sites.

For added safety the A Frames can be locked into position on the axle thumb-screws, once the cable reels are in position. This locking feature also allows for quick dismantling for transporting or storage, when the job is done. With the A-Frames locked into position 150mm in from the end of the axle, the Adept Portable Pay-Off Cable Stand also provides a convenient and easy means for one person to wheel rolls of cable around a building site or construction zone.
This versatile mobile cable drum support has capacity for multiple rolls of cable to be payed-out at the same time. All Adept cable supports are designed and manufactured in Australia using Australian steel. The  maximum Cable Roll size is 1000mm (40″) wide with a  safe working load of 120kg (265lb).

Whilst the Mobile Cable Stand has been designed for transporting and paying out drums of cable they have also been used for paying out all sorts of products and materials that are supplied on a reel or drum including; Fencing Wire, Chain, Rope, Irrigation Hose etc.

Don’t require a Cable Drum Pay-Off Stand with wheels? Try the Adept Heavy Duty A-Frame Cable Drum Stand

Easy-to-use thumbscrews - CablestandEasy-to-use thumbscrews secure the A-Frames to the axle, supporting the cable drum.

Portable Cable Reel Stand - Adeptdirect.com.auPortable Cable Reel Stand – Adeptdirect.com.au

Cable Drum Stand with Wheels - AdeptdirectCable Drum Stand with Wheels – Adeptdirect

Portable Cable Drum Stand Dismantled.Cable Drum Stand dismantled for transport.

Mobile Stand for Telecommunications & Power Cable


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